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Welcome to Cotton Press!

We hope this begins an exciting way to add some fun to your creativeness. By learning how fun and easy COTTON PRESS is to make you can enjoy new ways to add dimension to your cards, scrapbooks or other works of art.

Enjoy the fun craft of COTTON PRESS, or in other words, handmade paper! Paper casting is a fun and easy craft. It is as easy as Blend, Press, and Remove!

You will find a host of uses for Cotton Press products. We have shown it used as tree ornaments, wreath decorations, greeting cards, place cards, party favors, invitations, memory book pages, and many more. They embellish wall hangings and baskets, and the list could go on and on. You will no doubt find many more uses than the variety presented here, as well as discovering a fun, quick, and inexpensive new craft.

Using the same dynamic terra cotta molds, you will enjoy using our 100% natural beeswax for making lovely scented wax ornaments, wall hangings and sachets or using them also for cookie dough presses. The natural clay mold is also a beautiful wall decoration.


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